KF Web Server Download

KF Web Server English Version 3.2.0
KF Web Server Espa´┐Żol 2.5.0

What is in this code

Some other companys' applications contain spy-ware. None of our applications does this.
If you would like to find out more about our policies then follow this link.

System requirements

In order to run KFWS you need to be running the following software.
  • Windows 98,ME,2000,XP


Once you have downloaded the file "kfws10.exe", just double click on it in Explorer to start the installation.

Upgrading An Existing Installation

If you have an existing installation of the previous release then simply install this release in the same location where you installed the previous version.
Your existing database will not be affected.

If you have installed KF Web Sever as a systems service you must un-install it as a systems process before running the installation.
Do this by selecting the "Un-install System Service" from the system tray KF Web Server monitor's pop up menu.

Admin Source Code

If you would like to translate the KF Web Server into another language or alter the Admin Interface for any other reason then follow this link.


Unfortunately due to tight time constraints, we cannot offer individual support for KF Web Server as it is a free product.

If you need more information on installing and configuring this product then you may find the answer on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Version History

To see more information on the latest release please look as at the Support page.