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KFSensor Enterprise Edition

KFSensor Enterprise is designed for multiple honeypot installations across an organization's network.
KFSensor Enterprise Edition consists of different quantities of the Sensor and Administration modules.

For more information on the Enterprise edition please view the Enterprise edition page.

Frequently Asked Questions

All purchases of KFSensor licenses include email support and upgrades to future versions for one year.

After the first year you have the option to buy a KFSensor Subscription which will extend support and maintenance for another year.

Yes, there are discounts available when buying more than five sensor licenses.

Please contact us for a quotation based on the quantities you are interested in.

You can pay using a variety of methods, including; credit card, bank/wire transfer and a check in the post.

We also accept purchase orders, subject to approval. If you wish to pay by this method please contact us.

Our prices are quoted in US Dollars.

However you can pay in a number different currencies.

The non-dollar prices are calculated from the current dollar exchange rate.

If you would like a fixed quotation in another currency then we will be happy to provide it.

Many of our customers do choose to upgrade their existing Professional installation to the Enterprise Edition.

We allow Professional licenses to be traded in as part of the Enterprise purchase, thereby giving a refund of the original purchase cost.

Delivery of products and updates is via the Internet in electronic form.

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