KFSensor Enterprise Edition

KFSensor Enterprise Edition

KFSensor Enterprise enables multiple honeypot installations, across an organization's network, to be combined into a unified system. This can be managed effectively and efficiently from a single user administration console.

As well as the benefits described below KFSensor Enterprise is also a cost effective way of purchasing multiple licenses.

Enterprise Edition Features

View events from every sensor in the administrator console

Combining the events from multiple sensors into one list enables attack patterns to be readily identified. The Administrator can also drill down to see just those events on one sensor, or one port across all sensors.

Central store of events

Event information is collated into a central database in real time. Making a central copy of all events and the log files from each Sensor means there is less need to make regular backups of the Sensor machines' disks drives. Storing all events on a central database also makes it easier to develop custom reports of all the activity on the entire network.

Central alerts

Each Sensor can be configured to send alerts, for example by email. In the KFSensor Enterprise there is the option of sending the alerts from the Administration machine instead of the Sensor machine. Handling the sending of alerts from all sensors in one location makes configuration easier. It also gets around common problems, such as a Sensor located in a DMZ not having access to the internal SMTP server to send an email alert.

Reconfigure each sensor remotely

A newly revealed type of attack can necessitate configuration changes such as monitoring a new port. It can be important to respond quickly in these cases and KFSensor Enterprise enables each sensor to be reconfigured from the administration console remotely.

Easier signature rule base management

Simply update the signatures on the Administration machine and have it deployed to each sensor automatically and securely

Secure communication

All communication between KFSensor installations is secured to the highest standards. KFSensor uses 3072 bit RSA public/private keys to ensure that both the sensor and the monitor are both authenticated to each other.


In the Enterprise Edition there are two types of KFSensor installations:

KFSensor Enterprise Sensor

This has all the functionality of KFSensor Professional, with the additional ability to be controlled by remote KFSensor Enterprise Administrators

KFSensor Enterprise Administrator

This has all the functionality of KFSensor Professional, with the additional ability to control multiple KFSensor Enterprise Sensors as well as its own local sensor. An Administrator installation also includes the ability to collate logs from and distribute updates to remote Sensor installations.

Includes standard features

KFSensor Enterprise Editions contains all the features of the Professional Edition please see the Features Page for a list of these standard features.

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