KFSensor Manual


This section describes each component of the KFSensor system and how to use them.

KFSensor Monitor

The KFSensor Monitor is a module that provides the user interface to the KFSensor system.
With it you can configure the KFSensor Server and examine the events that it generates.


The main window of the KFSensor Monitor comprises of several different views.


Each menu option is described here, together with links to the different dialog boxes that can be accessed from the menus.

KFSensor Server

The KFSensor Server provides the core functionality of the KFSensor system. It listens to both TCP and UDP ports on your machine and interacts with visitors and generates events. The KFSensor Server has no user interface and runs in the background.

KFSensor Reports

KFSensor Reports contains a variety of reports for advanced data analysis. The reports are provided via a web based HTML interface via a browser. The reports are hosted on a special web site local to the KFSensor machine. They can be accessed via the View -> Reports menu option, or the graph button on the toolbar.

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